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Our Mission

The mission of the Elena Delle Donne Charitable Foundation is to raise funds for and awareness of Lyme Disease research and special needs programs. The foundation believes that individuals have the right to be treated with compassion, respect, and dignity, and seeks to improve treatment options as well as health outcomes.

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we are back

The Elena Delle Donne Charity Golf Event is back for 2022! Hosted at Bayside Resort Golf Club in Delaware!

Check out our sponsorship opportunities for ways to join us, promote your company, and have fun!

2019 Charity Golf Tournament x Skratch

Elena Delle Donne's Charity Golf Tournament | Gimmes 4 Loot

Elena Delle Donne's Charity Golf Tournament | Gimmes 4 Loot

Charity Golf Tournament Gallery


All Lizzie wants to do is give back to me—or anyone she loves—and that kind of unselfishness is something I want to mirror in my own life.

It’s so easy to forget to be giving. Too many of us are so busy studying, working, running from one place to another, doing activities, staring into our phones, or collapsing on our couches to watch TV at the end of the day that we often feel we don’t have time to help another person. Worse, we often forget how precious—and endangered—the world we live in is. We pollute, we don’t recycle, we don’t volunteer, and we spend our money rather than giving it to someone who needs it more than we do.

Lizzie has never taken more than she can give. With every smile, hug, and touch, she is sending love out into the world, and she’s taught me that you have to make a positive influence on the world and those around you.


I’m striving to do that in everything I do.